Friday, August 12, 2016

Threepenny Returns... with Beer!

Poster Design by Ronnie Lewis

Threepenny Theatre was founded with a simple goal: we wanted to create great works of theatre at low production costs. The reasons behind this were two fold.

1) We didn't have a lot of money (no point in lying about it)

and, more importantly

2) We wanted to show that great theatre did not necessarily need extravagant bells and whistles to be intensely engaging and incredibly moving. 

Make no mistake, there is nothing wrong with the amazing production values of larger theatres (Memphis is blessed to have some of the finest theatre designers you could ever hope to encounter and the work they do it always stellar), but, at the end of the day, it is this most basic of needs - the desire for human connection - that drives the art form. 

People, coming together, to feel something created by other people. That is the heart of the theatre: to unite people in a shared experience. It is a communal ritual, and one that we enjoy sharing with anyone who is interested. That is why all of Threepenny's shows have always been, and will always be, set-your-own admission. Anyone who wants to see one of our productions will be able to, regardless of how much they have or who they know. You show up, you're in.

In that spirit of community, we have come up with an idea. Earlier this season we were lucky enough to collaborate with Hattiloo Theatre on a wonderful production of "Free Man of Color." So, for our final show, we thought it might be fun to collaborate with another local Memphis institution. 

So, in the spirit of community, Threepenny Theatre will be partnering with Memphis Made Brewing Company to present a weekend of three very strange, very engaging, one act plays (from three of the greatest modern playwrights) paired with local beer after each play. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be introducing you to the various actors who will be performing in our shows. We hope to see all of you soon, share a beer, and thank you for all your support.

Shows will be at the Evergreen Theatre:
Friday August 26th at 8pm
Saturday August 27th at 8pm
Sunday, August 28th at 2pm
MONDAY, August 29th at 8pm 

And, as always, every show is Set-Your-Own-Admission (suggested donation of $15). 


We look forward to seeing you!

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